Somewhere between us, for us
A panoramic installation using a 3-projector, 2-computer system. 
I first felt truly nostalgic for home in my last year of college, which resulted in a series of works in search of reconnection with my mom: through my art, through hers, and through our unique collage of memories and broken languages. As a media designer, I am often grappling with the desensitizing aesthetics of digitally rendered forms. In this piece, I attempt to use software to sculpt an intimate world for my mother and I to transcend our respective art mediums and the space between our homes. Through my re-mixing, our work becomes intertwined and inextricable.
The 3D landscape was created in Notch using photographs of my mother's paintings as the objects' material inputs and displacement maps. The projections are mapped, blended, and cued using Millumin. 

The library of my mother's paintings I worked from for this project.

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