davine byon (she/her) is a Korean-American interdisciplinary collaborative designer for experiences. As a native New Yorker, she had the privilege of growing up with a rich arts vocabulary and exploring her budding passions in theatre design and art history. In receiving her BFA in Video & Media Design at Carnegie Mellon University, davine has gained valuable experience designing media for theatre from conceptualization to execution, engineering media systems, working with cameras for live and pre-recorded content, creating immersive projection installations, and experimenting with virtual performance during COVID-19. 
In addition to her background in collaborative design for performance works, davine is developing an independent practice in new media video and installation art. This work draws from personal archives, Internet culture, popular media, and lens-based artifacts to reveal and remix narrative. She is interested in what documentation of the sacred and mundane might elucidate about intimacy, particularly in the queer community and among people of color. This fascination is informed by her own experience constructing, interrogating, and appreciating her queer Korean-American identity via media found at home and online.
davine is currently participating in a cohort with Anticapitalism for Artists and a course called "Towards a New Definition of Museums: Curatorial Theory and Practice" at the NODE Center. Above all, she is working to adapt her practice from one rigorously learned through institutional training to one informed by attentive and generous care. 
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