Adapted from Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra

Director: Liz Peterson
Video Design: Davine Byon
Scenic Design: Liz Peterson, Tavish Miller, Josh Barilla
Props Design: Josh Barilla
Lighting Design: Betsy Chester
Sound Design: Lucky Bommireddy
Costume Design: Rachel Dozier-Ezell
Dramaturgs: Alexis Williams, Phoebe Brooks

This adaptation of Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra tells the story from the perspective of Cleopatra's confidants Charmian, Alexas, Iras, and Mardian as they hallucinate the events of the play through flashbacks. Their memories are held delicately on a chain curtain projection surface; this image wavers, doubles, blurs, and breaks as they struggle to piece together the social and political chaos that surrounds Cleopatra. The audience sees these images as live feeds from two cameras: one handheld and the other mounted near Cleopatra's war table.
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